Top nine event industry trends

Posted By on Nov 27, 2015 |

For the last few years event industry trends are going in favor of development of new technologies and finding new modern solutions in promotions of meetings, gastronomic innovations, and holding so called green meeting in intention to provide good environment for the community. The event industry, as well as other sectors of business, has felt the effects of economic global crisis.

However, according to world-renowned experts in this field over the past few years, the industry has recorded a growth trend of revenues. China and the Middle East are the regions where it is most visible revenue growth.

The number of meeting didn’t decrease

Few years ago different experts have anticipated that development of new technologies will have negative impact on meetings, but that didn’t happened, on the contrary, they brought the growth of event industry and made it easier to function. Now days in the world there are twice as many participants of business meetings than in the mid 90s of last century.

Meetings are in the form of interaction

It was a practice that information on the meetings went only in one direction, but that change. Instead that one person is talking and other listening now they have mutual interaction. Social networks, technological progress and various applications that facilitate communication have significantly increased interaction.

Bigger focus is on the return of the investment

Planners and organizers of events give much more attention to the cost-effectiveness of an event, which is usually measured with the feedback of the participants. A participant measures the profitability of attending the event towards the quality of networking and concluded new business.

Price of location dictates the choice

Locations prices and prices around the organization of the events are generally lower than before the world economic crisis. In 2007 price for one participant of the event in US was 190 dollars and now that amount is significantly lower and coast 163 dollars.

Technology helps

Now all participants can be engaged in meetings even before they happen. With a help of Internet forums, social networks and web tool, they can stay in contact before, during and after the meeting.

Events are focusing on regional markets

Organizers have to adapt constantly on new trends in demand. And this trend currently implies: an organization of events with specific themes within the regional framework. The regional approach allows cost and time efficiency.

Event with a goal

Now days, events have specific goal. For an event to be successful, goals must be clearly defined and presented on the event so that the meeting can be successfully planned and implemented.

Ecology and technology

This is one of the major trends in the world of organized meetings and events, they complement each other and they represent each other as cause and as a consequence. Technological solutions are often used to reduce the quantity of printed material, better management of the budget, but also reduced the number of trips to events.

Digital marketing

As well as meetings, today is the most widespread form of promotion.