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Last year WIX has started a competition where they have invited every SEO enthusiastic people to enter the competition. Everyone was able to enter the competition as long as you fulfilled their and google’s guidelines. They named the competition SEO Hero Challenge.

We have outlined some SEO techniques that we think it would be advisable to follow up in order to win the competition. If you would like to read more about SEO news for the WIX competition please click here.

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From trimming Christmas trees to mouth-watering eggnog and scrumptious Turkey dinners – the holidays are also a wonderful time to test your creativity and ingenuity. One common problem many families face during Christmas dinners is space.

No truer is this than when it comes to adding smaller tables on the side of longer ones. While these are usually relegated to the kids, it can still secure a feeling of separation and isolation. The same can also be said for separate dining tables – which are simply not acceptable if trying to secure a level of family unity and togetherness.

Chhristmas dinner table


Long Doors as Dining Tables?

Instead of spending countless dollars on lavish and exquisite dining tables at IKEA, the solution may be in your garage. In fact, many families are utilizing old doors as extended dining tables this holiday season. This popular trend was recently featured on an Internet show called “Holiday Ideas and Money Saving Options.” In a nutshell, you can use old long doors by simply mounting 4 legs on the corners –and possible one in the middle for optimal balance.

These accessories can easily be picked up at local furniture stores and warehouses. They will even supply you with the bolts and screws but you will need to have a screwdriver or power drill. Checking YouTube is a great way to see how legs can be mounted, as well as which doors seem to work the best. If you do not have any spare doors at your home – check to see if there are any laying around in your office. You may even be able to find these items at area architectural firms for free or a small price.

Other Solutions for Holiday Gatherings

If you have no luck with finding long tables, you can still use small utility tables for holiday dinners. In fact, this might be the cost-effective solution to mounting legs onto long doors. You would, however, need to use or purchase a few tables to facilitate all your loved ones and guests. This, of course, depends on how many people will be attending.

Simply place tables in a vertical manner for maximum comfort – and use an extended tablecloth which can be taped or stapled on the sides to prevent bunching up. It is also advised to place a strong centerpiece in the middle of the tables to hold down the center. These are but a few suggestions to secure ample room for all your loved ones and guests this holiday season!

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raining event

When you are holding an outdoor event, it is important that you find a way to make sure your guests and dinner are covered in case it decides to rain when you least expect it to. Marquees are often used for events such as a wedding reception or a family reunion.

They make for easy catering, and there is plenty of room for the furniture that you need for all of your guests. They do not have to be used solely for these purposes, however. A marquee hire can be used for just about any event that you are thinking about planning.

Many marquees include chair hire for various kinds of parties. The kind of furniture that you are looking for will more than likely depend on the kind of party that you are having. With the chairs and table included, however, you will have one less thing to worry about before the big day.

Garden parties and birthday parties may also be a time when you need a marquee. An event hire company is one of the best ways to make sure that everything that you need is included in the final costs. They are also more likely to set up for your event and come back for it when you are done.

Catering is also a factor in considering which event hire company to use. There are those that include catering in their services and there are others that do not. A catering hire company may even opt to include some or all of the decorations that you need for your event.

For those that do not necessarily require a lot of decorations, such as corporate parties, a simple marquee may be just what you need without all of the other fluff. These are only a few of the additional factors that you should think about when deciding which company to use for your marquee hire.

No matter what kind of marquee that you are looking for, there is something available that will work exactly the way that you need it to. Maybe you are up for dancing. There are marquee hires that offer dance floors with their packages in addition to the chairs and other furniture.

Regardless, finding the perfect hire company can ease your mind and make for a much more relaxing time both mentally as well as financially.

By keeping your services with one company instead of several you are more likely to find discounts, and letting someone else handle the stressful part of your planning means that you do not have to stress so much. Find a marquee hire that works for you, and let the planning fall easily into place.

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Vintage Wedding Catering

The catering company that you choose for your event, whether a birthday party, a wedding or just a get together, can either make it a success or a failure. There are many catering services and before you hire any of them there are important considerations that you should make. Remember, not only are they responsible for great food, they should also be able to present it well and ensure that it is hygienically prepared.

Many people go with the first catering service that they can find. This is simply wrong and it increases the risk of things going wrong at your event. It is very important to compare caterers before you hire. You may find that they create the same exact dish very differently. You should not hesitate to ask questions to find out as much about the caterer as possible. You need to have all the information that will make the catering go flawlessly during your event.

The first thing that you should do when you want to hire a caterer is prepare a budget. Think about the kind of food that you want to serve and how much you want to spend on it. Having a budget means that you don’t waste time negotiating with caterers that you cannot afford. It also keeps you in charge – you know what you want. When you are interviewing caterers ask them what kind of menus they can serve for the amount that you have in mind. You will eventually find someone who has a menu that you like.

Ask caterers if they can come to your event or whether they cater on their premises. Although many people assume that caterers will come to them, there are some who work from their own premises. If you hire someone who works in a hotel, for example, they are more likely to cater from there that to come to your venue. You should also find out what kind of equipment they have and whether it can serve the number of guests that you have. You will be surprised at how often caterers run out of things like plates and cutlery.

You need to agree on a timeline as to when things will be ready for you to inspect. Even professional caterers get things wrong sometimes. You should not entrust them with the job and then walk away completely – check up on what is going on from time to time just to be sure that you don’t get nasty surprises on the day of the event. On the day of, you should call them up in the morning just to confirm that everything is ready and they will arrive on time.

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How to Choose Dining Tables

Posted By on Dec 7, 2015

xmas-dining-tableMany people choose to hire dining tables in London for different reasons; sometimes big families want to have lunch or dinner outside in the open, sometimes people hire for parties and at other times dining tables are needed for corporate events. Whatever your reason for choosing to rent a dining table, it is important that you know which one will fit your needs.

•    How many people do you need to sit at each table? There should be at least 2 feet between all the people who will be sitting at the table. This way, they can move their arms around as they eat without touching.

•    If the tables will be inside you should consider how much space you have. There should be some room between the wall and the table, what is called table-to-wall clearance. There should be an average of 48” between the table and the wall.

•    If you don’t have a big space to set your tables you should get round ones – they fit better in tight spaces. In fact, round dining tables look good just about everywhere. You may be thinking that if you have a lot of room that renting large round dining tables is the best way to go. As a matter of fact it is not – it becomes hard to reach for food and people have to stand and stretch over the table a lot. Large tables should be rectangular.

•    If you will be sitting in a narrow room you should hire rectangular tables.

How do you find the right London furniture hire company?

With so many furniture hire companies in London, you may be wondering which one is best to rent from. There are several things that you should take into account:

•    Find out how long they have been in business. If they have been around for more than 5 years it shows that they are reputable.

•    Will they transport furniture for you and collect when you are done? There are companies that require clients to transport their furniture but there are many that transport it for you. In fact, most of them don’t charge you unless your event is very far from where the company is located.

•    What kind of furniture do they have? Do they have the kind that you are looking to rent? If you are renting a dining room table then it is quite likely that you will be renting chairs as well. They should be stylish in order to set the ambiance for your event.

•    Check the quality of the furniture. You obviously want tables and chairs that are strong and that can withstand quite a load. You should also check the condition of the tables and chairs to make sure that nothing is broken.

Finding the right dining tables for hire in London is not hard if you know what to look for and where to look.

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